We can have all the money we want if already believed we have all what we need.

If we have all that we want in our possess why would we be seeking for more?

Materialism feeling

Many people wrongly think that purchasing, showing and acquire more is fulfilling some inner feeling because to seek external validation by materialism is fooling the soul.

If you want acceptance, seek where you could be accepted by doing something you love along with people that do the same. Don’t seek acceptance by having people accept your new car or the shape of your body after intensive work at the gym.

Unconsciously we seek external validation even thought we know it is not how it works.

If you love to laugh, to be creative and to feel companionship, to understand this feelings and emerge on a vulnerable state to accomplish them is the first step. It is necessary to acknowledge exactly what is the need and the feeling that wants to be genuinely meet

If you seek companion, be vulnerable to ask someone to go out on a cinema. To join a dance club or even to sing along with a group. Sometimes the solution is so simple that is hard to be processed, it requires vulnerability that in a damaged world not every one is up to expose it.

Ask yourself: Do you accept yourself?

If you really seek materialism then buy objects. But please don’t use this energy to fulfill your heart desires.

Materialism wont bring you approval, acceptance and companion rather a frustrated illusion.

How many rich people are poorly alone in their big houses? How many old people devoted their life in seek of materialism and now they are zumbis and no one care about them because they never had the time to fulfil the desire for friendships and connection rather the desire of achieve more status.

How grown up are we to understand that buying to feel love is a lie?

How many adults and senior still live in appearance era, believing that a metallic object with a motor inside will bring the love they’re seeking…

How delusional is the ignorance about how to fulfill our own desires, needs and wants.

To be vulnerable is the key for today, and to be vulnerable requires courage, you are going back and meet your inner child when you were happy enough to show and meet your needs before the shield you have built for yourself was created.