Have you heard yourself?

It is barely hard to write this post.

I feel ashamed of how longer I haven’t listened myself. I feel shocked how longer I have suppressed my inner child person with inside dreams, wants, tastes and overall personality to cope with today world demand of being someone else!

For what? for the sake of what?

-To please other person in order to be accepted.

-To not feel guilty, ashamed or rejected by someone else

-To feel something someone else such as happiness or validation.

Whatever, I lost myself.

So… now I am hearing myself, what I have to say? is…

+Very subtle… very subtle…

+Calm… easy….



Just stop! do nothing, be silent, hear yourself, honestly, stop with excuses such as:

-Emotion is weakness

-Feelings are confusing.

-I am stronger already and I do not need to show my emotions.


You are a liar to yourself if you unconsciously are suppressing what you most fear. And I am the stronger here who faces the fear of being the self.

Are you really sure you are NOT avoiding something inside of yourself… little deep secret?

Be proud, be brave and show off. Everything is awesome and powerful in the exterior but a little child inside might be in need to be listen to!

Stop! Once again, listen yourself, be silent and do nothing. Who is you? What you are hearing?

I can’t believe how nervous I feel for being myself and the warmth feeling recognise and validate this inner signal.

Stay tune to the frequency.