Have you heard yourself?

It is barely hard to write this post.

I feel ashamed of how longer I haven’t listened myself. I feel shocked how longer I have suppressed my inner child person with inside dreams, wants, tastes and overall personality to cope with today world demand of being someone else!

For what? for the sake of what?

-To please other person in order to be accepted.

-To not feel guilty, ashamed or rejected by someone else

-To feel something someone else such as happiness or validation.

Whatever, I lost myself.

So… now I am hearing myself, what I have to say? is…

+Very subtle… very subtle…

+Calm… easy….



Just stop! do nothing, be silent, hear yourself, honestly, stop with excuses such as:

-Emotion is weakness

-Feelings are confusing.

-I am stronger already and I do not need to show my emotions.


You are a liar to yourself if you unconsciously are suppressing what you most fear. And I am the stronger here who faces the fear of being the self.

Are you really sure you are NOT avoiding something inside of yourself… little deep secret?

Be proud, be brave and show off. Everything is awesome and powerful in the exterior but a little child inside might be in need to be listen to!

Stop! Once again, listen yourself, be silent and do nothing. Who is you? What you are hearing?

I can’t believe how nervous I feel for being myself and the warmth feeling recognise and validate this inner signal.

Stay tune to the frequency.

Voices in our Head

Update your Belief System!

Out of psychiatric definition of Voices in our Head, No!… it has nothing to do with mental illness, actually the meaning is recognise thoughts that do not serving you but still have energy and therefore an effect on you from those that are genuinely You.


Beliefs and Energy

Beliefs are made up of energy and form a programme in the brain. Memory will be responsible to store your beliefs and make your decision ability easy for you.

What happens is there are beliefs that might hold into our neuropaths that are not exactly what we would like to believe.

Lets take a general example such as for my future “I will be an engineer because I think I would be accepted by others” rather than “I would be a teacher because it is my passion.” This way there are 2 different voices in the Head that represent our own beliefs!

Someone might follow a career that really never enjoyed or might just follow his passion, whatever choice represents what the believe if.


Intuition Voice is Leader.

Most important voice is Intuition, located in the heart! Always is present and knows what is best for you now regardless of the past. It is distant from a programmed thought previously built on experience and observation that might tells and think of you different way. This second voice is mostly exterior like voice of father, family, teacher or society and don’t forget the advertisement.


My experience.

In order to understand which voice is Intuition you must sink in and understand each one.

For my own experience I would say that intuition is the first voice experienced by some intensity of pleasure and warmth on chest. But Intuition is quick and not all the time recognisable.


Conflict between two voices.

Second voice is called by Fears, Expectations, Assumptions or Ego, but is all based on thought and it has a suppression effect on the voice of intuition.


Is it possible to remove undesired thoughts?

Ye it is possible to de-energise all this unwanted thoughts by a process of recognising them, bringing them to the light and you will set yourself free (and your intuition for sure will have space to express).


My intuition voice is scaring to me!? How can I follow it?

I believe you have suppressed so many times for so long your intuition voice that any small step you want to take towards it is a challenge. But small steps make big journeys, start exactly doing what you think your intuition is and be aware that nether sometimes it make sense! This is because we live in an energetic world along a logical platform, but don’t take the logic brain as more important as it seems to be. Energy is everything and energy has created the brain, for this reason if you want to do anything your intuition has told you just do it! You will be regarded energetically. 

Each step taken inwards you’re closer to your source! Such a journey of confusion and selection born of a process of socialisation. You own the power to discern the beliefs that bring you closer to your real purpose.

Inner Voice – Intuition

Intuition – What’s that?

Intuition is a voice that we tend to follow and is located in the energetic field of the body, is just energy expressing itself and it leads the path for You to grow. What happens is a opposition to this natural force named Suppression.


People don’t follow Intuition.

We are programmed to follow our own voice, this is just a natural way for each individual follow is own path/mission. What happens is somehow intuition is suppressed by exterior aspects and manipulation, especially by Society forces on how you must act and behave.


Suppression Voice

To follow intuition requires courage, in a society where soon or later in life we suppress our natural side to a mainstream one happens instantaneously but gradually and without conscious awareness. To follow intuition requires exactly awareness that you are not following him or her.

Intuition is just You basically, it tells you who you are and what path should you take. When you follow intuition the decision and manifested outcome is just in alignment with you because you took it by your own source. But when you follow a decision based in another people interest or another group’s expectation you will feel unaligned if thoughts made up the decision are opposite to your inner voice.

There are people that have suppressed intuition to his highest forms either this energies are masculine or feminine, the majority of old people is highly suppressed.

Any law of nature is recognised by Intuition and should feel just natural but a long path to programme and suppress this voice is being made.

Sadly you see…, when you were a child you could follow your intuition easily, soon you grow up you are face with a black out or emptiness of who you are.

Why do you think teenager reach 20’s with anxiety on depressive stages? If not listened longer after that this opposite force to nature will soon lead to all sort of diseases in the body.


Intuition Voice

Intuition is power, force, energy and vitality. Intuition is You leading the path!

Do you let others influence your intuition? Tap into “it” for you & change it? Pretend to be your heart and brain?

Do you recognise yourself? Are you acting yourself?

You see… the voice of suppression and intuition is seemly the same, just because the intuition is you and the voice of suppression is believed by you too, to distinguish voice of suppression for voice of intuition you have to know both! Own them and decide each one you choose to put your faith in.


My Experience

I have been in pain just to make on single decision by my intuition, somehow would appear very against my own thoughts and beliefs.. But once I followed my inner voice I felt Me, I felt myself. I got happier and I notice this is the right decision and the proccess to take all the times no matter what!

Tap to your intuition It will do wonders for you! And is the most beautiful voice in the world.

I will tell you a short history when I was child. I could listen out loud my voice and it was located in the heart. was like speaking to a friend because it has is own personality and is vivid. Now I feel this voice sleeping but I know it is there.

I hear the deepest sound of me…

I been working a long time ago to hear this voice back.

Today actually I am writing this post because I heard her again confidently  I also could identify the suppressed thoughts that were trapping me into resistance.

Follow Intuition and tune to that voice, feel be and act on it is the path.

Recognise the wrong thoughts and consciously change it. If you still waiting just stop, meditate and it will be there for you as soon as your heart feels it.

This morning I just told myself that I must be compassionate about myself because It takes compassion to listen myself and to discern between thoughts.

Pratical Examples

Intuition says Go to park.

Supressed thought says You don’t have time for pleasure.

There are two options, either you follow your intuition and go to the park or you follow your unaligned thought and believe you don’t have time for pleasure. When you follow your intuition and go to the park you will feel Resistance that comes up because you believe you don’t have time. This hard feeling must be acknowledged and de-energised. Once you are Healed on this particular belief you will follow your intuition along side the belief you deserve time free.

Woa! Pure alignemnt.

Intuition says Go dance!

Suppressed thought says I don’t know any moves..

Intuition wants you to dance, she or he believes you will feel lighter and energised once you did it but your suppressed thought says you suck dancing. Replace this negative thought for a new one such as “I will learn some moves”. Because you are telling yourself that you are up to learn shows compassion, interest and curiosity, brings highest energies that are closer to the intuition frequency. Identify and Replace thoughts for new ones is crucial to align yourself with the true heart intention.






(non-) Organic thoughts!

I started this website to understand what the hell is not okay with me.

I just started off with one aspect of my soul which I was suppressing.

Self rejection.

I suppressed the desire to write.

I couldn’t  write for this Website, which by all means is just how I want to fulfil my desire.

And I think to my self…

1. Why I would be resistant to write a post that is against my own self desires?

2.  Shouldn’t I be happy, willing and motivated to write a post which is really the fulfilment of my dream?

3.  Why do I then feel resistant, oppressive and denied?

…What is wrong or not okay?

The Solution is Awareness

The solution is to be aware of who these thoughts come from! I found my mother’s thoughts were rambling in my head.

It happens that I have grown up in a home where my mother was neglected as a child and she taught her programme. Now an independent man I find myself neglecting myself.

I do it by denying my wishes, denying my wants and desires. I neglect my self by avoiding and quite refusing to achieve my dreams. Maybe because I feel undeserving.

Look, this is an Illusion for myself. A group of thoughts that have been working for a long period in my life. I have realised this pattern and can give it a path to clear myself from these thoughts that are not mine.

So it happens that I auto-rejected myself not because I wanted to but because I have learned how to perform this routine automatic and unconsciously.

I am grateful for being now aware of the reason I reject my self.

A natural thoughts would be I love to achieve my wishes and desires

It is always better to know the true and start to release the pain for self healing.

Self journey is nothing more than finding the organic thoughts, those come from soul.