Dreams and Reality

And when the dreams are coming into reality. When my wishes are manifesting into existence, when I can see with my senses the dream I now know that everything has changed. I now move to an another dimension, to a different spectrum of being and acting. I now operate in a higher dimension of self. A new magical and fantastic colourful, playful dimension when my thoughts are patterned to create from love any manifestation into reality. In this dimension where I do operate there is no concept of time, there is only the space between feelings and happenings.

I welcome myself to a new shift in world, in my perception and in everything around me that has now changed and has been changed since long time. I perceive and see the differences occurring and have proved to myself that I am worthy, enough and capable of gracious things that are already happening in this moment.

This website is already a manifestation of those marvellous dreams happening to my life. In the next months this project will experience good transformations and a creative wave will soon be manifested.

I am delighted to inform how grateful I am with my life now and to share here through Rik Jones pseudonym will allow to followers understand what I mean by all self energy and healing, to provide hope and insight for those who are experiencing life with an energetic mindset.


Speak to you soon!