Auto Healing on Rejection

Self Healing

What is?

Self Healing is the ability to make yourself the psychologist of you and heal trauma by inner reflexion. Is the ability to recognise the underlying issues that occur in psychic and change it to an aligned state by a completely transparent and honest talk.

It requires courage to face beliefs that hold our behaviours in reality and make the change for better ones.

As Parov Stelar music sings Life is New Everyday. You can have a new life everyday by shifting your Belief System everytime.


In this topic I will go through a healing that I made on myself just by writing it down while facing a sunny morning in Brighton, UK.

I feel rejection and I know something must change, this feeling hurts me. I know once I decide to make the change and see the different outcome will be very fulfilling to my soul.

The correct path to self healing is recognising the truth.

Why I feel Rejection?

Brain follow instructions in order to get my need or desire fulfilled by other way around instead of a direct approach, that hurts me. Brain does it for self love actually but is very logic that does not understand is going around in circles instead of a rout from point A to B.

I would like to explain further what I am going through:

I want to met a wonderful beautiful partner and have the desire to have a conversation with him, the fear of being rejected might interfere with the ability to get a nice conversation. What is happening is an underlying fear of being rejected that my brain is protecting  and avoiding in order to not experience pain.

to recognise… to admit… to Change.

To change for making that desire happen is change my belief that Rejection is something bad and sad. Rejection might be a feeling of no acceptance and no identification of other person towards me and an attitude or a characteristic of myself is not appreciated.

I also believe tho Rejection must be seen as something natural of behaviourism and feeling. Therefore I accept to be disliked and rejected nevertheless the amount of love I have for myself.

I actually accept to be rejected because set me apart of people that resonate with different energy as mine. To be rejected and disliked is good and I accepted with a smile.

Deeper in the pain…

It is hard tho to be rejected by someone that personifies my desire. Like someone I really like and he likes me too and still feel rejected. Hum might sound weird but makes all the sense for my soul.

I ask a couple of questions to help me clarify:

Why would I be rejected for someone who likes me?

I wouldn’t actually, If someone likes me they will not reject me… I think I thought that people liked me even though they didn’t had an approval of me. So, someone who clearly have said that likes me at the bottom did not mean it seriously. I feel then deceived by believing in something that wasn’t truth. I wasn’t appreciated by people who told me the opposite, they didn’t like me at all.

Do I recognise that these people I though I liked actually they don’t like me?


Do I accept the truth that there are people that don’t like me?

Yes. I just wanted to understand the truth I was into. Now I can see clearly that I was led to believe I was liked when the truth is I wasn’t! That made me feel for such a long time not valid and I couldn’t understand why.

What is the reason I feel not valid?

The reason I feel not valid is because someone who loves me doesn’t like me. In plain words is they say something but did not mean it. Is like saying I love me but actually I don’t.

Have I been really rejected?

I think yes I got rejected because I felt rejected

And Is love rejection?

No, love is not rejection. Love is acceptance. Love might hurts but never rejects.

Who then rejected me or I felt rejected by?

My father, first partner, brother, mother, school colleague, common people, all of them shortly rejected me.

My father told me he liked me but never accepted me for being me. He only would have accepted me if I had behaved in a different way that I am. Therefore I was unconsciously rejected by him.

What is rejection?

Rejection is to deny in myself an aspect of myself. To feel denied for being myself.

What is self love?

Self love is to accept myself.

Is love for the self despite the rejection I feel in myself.

Do I reject myself?


What rejection do I feel in myself?

To be rejected. (it’s clear!)

I reject myself to feel rejected because I know there is no reason to feel rejected.


If brain was hurt in the past because of rejection it projects the rejection onto new experiences.There is a reason to feel rejected (my past) although I can say and explain clearly to me this moment:

I was rejected in the past but I accept myself in the present and I am ready to feel and be different – I accept myself in present.


Here is when the self healing happens!


I might have rejected myself in the past due to being and felt rejected by exterior connections but now I accept myself in the present and I am ready to embrace that feeling of me. I no longer feed the fear of being rejected again because I had recognised a lie behind love and acceptance and non acceptance.

~ I am healed. ~


Last words

My trauma is I was led to believing in something that wasn’t true, particularly that I was loved and nurtured by a father figure that actually rejected me. I did not know that and ended up rejecting myself. Now I know the hidden truth and can align myself to the belief that I love & accept of myself, also regardless of who might have rejected me in the past. 

I just needed to know what was happening because my father never told me he rejected me, I just had to figure out by myself.

This is my specific trauma and you reading this might have different circumstances that need to be treated and dealt and asked in different way but ultimately will lead to the healing that I am experiencing right now.

Please explore your traumas and set yourself FREE!



Hope you go.



Inner Voice – Intuition

Intuition – What’s that?

Intuition is a voice that we tend to follow and is located in the energetic field of the body, is just energy expressing itself and it leads the path for You to grow. What happens is a opposition to this natural force named Suppression.


People don’t follow Intuition.

We are programmed to follow our own voice, this is just a natural way for each individual follow is own path/mission. What happens is somehow intuition is suppressed by exterior aspects and manipulation, especially by Society forces on how you must act and behave.


Suppression Voice

To follow intuition requires courage, in a society where soon or later in life we suppress our natural side to a mainstream one happens instantaneously but gradually and without conscious awareness. To follow intuition requires exactly awareness that you are not following him or her.

Intuition is just You basically, it tells you who you are and what path should you take. When you follow intuition the decision and manifested outcome is just in alignment with you because you took it by your own source. But when you follow a decision based in another people interest or another group’s expectation you will feel unaligned if thoughts made up the decision are opposite to your inner voice.

There are people that have suppressed intuition to his highest forms either this energies are masculine or feminine, the majority of old people is highly suppressed.

Any law of nature is recognised by Intuition and should feel just natural but a long path to programme and suppress this voice is being made.

Sadly you see…, when you were a child you could follow your intuition easily, soon you grow up you are face with a black out or emptiness of who you are.

Why do you think teenager reach 20’s with anxiety on depressive stages? If not listened longer after that this opposite force to nature will soon lead to all sort of diseases in the body.


Intuition Voice

Intuition is power, force, energy and vitality. Intuition is You leading the path!

Do you let others influence your intuition? Tap into “it” for you & change it? Pretend to be your heart and brain?

Do you recognise yourself? Are you acting yourself?

You see… the voice of suppression and intuition is seemly the same, just because the intuition is you and the voice of suppression is believed by you too, to distinguish voice of suppression for voice of intuition you have to know both! Own them and decide each one you choose to put your faith in.


My Experience

I have been in pain just to make on single decision by my intuition, somehow would appear very against my own thoughts and beliefs.. But once I followed my inner voice I felt Me, I felt myself. I got happier and I notice this is the right decision and the proccess to take all the times no matter what!

Tap to your intuition It will do wonders for you! And is the most beautiful voice in the world.

I will tell you a short history when I was child. I could listen out loud my voice and it was located in the heart. was like speaking to a friend because it has is own personality and is vivid. Now I feel this voice sleeping but I know it is there.

I hear the deepest sound of me…

I been working a long time ago to hear this voice back.

Today actually I am writing this post because I heard her again confidently  I also could identify the suppressed thoughts that were trapping me into resistance.

Follow Intuition and tune to that voice, feel be and act on it is the path.

Recognise the wrong thoughts and consciously change it. If you still waiting just stop, meditate and it will be there for you as soon as your heart feels it.

This morning I just told myself that I must be compassionate about myself because It takes compassion to listen myself and to discern between thoughts.

Pratical Examples

Intuition says Go to park.

Supressed thought says You don’t have time for pleasure.

There are two options, either you follow your intuition and go to the park or you follow your unaligned thought and believe you don’t have time for pleasure. When you follow your intuition and go to the park you will feel Resistance that comes up because you believe you don’t have time. This hard feeling must be acknowledged and de-energised. Once you are Healed on this particular belief you will follow your intuition along side the belief you deserve time free.

Woa! Pure alignemnt.

Intuition says Go dance!

Suppressed thought says I don’t know any moves..

Intuition wants you to dance, she or he believes you will feel lighter and energised once you did it but your suppressed thought says you suck dancing. Replace this negative thought for a new one such as “I will learn some moves”. Because you are telling yourself that you are up to learn shows compassion, interest and curiosity, brings highest energies that are closer to the intuition frequency. Identify and Replace thoughts for new ones is crucial to align yourself with the true heart intention.