Here from the sunny day I write to you with a big smile on tha face!

Enjoy the sun and keep your energy high!!

How? Just be grateful by how whatever feeling right now. If it is painful embrace it too. Soon or later it will reveal a blessing because you just tap in to your own energetic field. Through emotion you get access to your higher self.

The best emotions are those of amusement and contentment! They are just hided behind any suffer or pain you might experience with a good wisdom.

Embark your lessons for the rest of life. That’s how life is about, learning…


Be grateful, be especially grateful for being alive.


Stay tune, Rik!


Unconscious thoughts

Power is within!

We don’t know what we are manifesting if our unconscious thoughts are not acknowledge. If we think thoughts unconsciously means that they are deep engrained in our mind and constitutes a potent weapon for manifestation. For instance if a Star Model has a desire for show the beauty she/he finds on himself and since a child thinks “I am proud of my beauty and expression” it shall manifest to be a successful supermodel through photography models and the same pattern occurs for an homeless who thinks himself unworthy of a shelter. As a rule it is manifested throughout all his homeless life until the unconscious thought is recognised and changed. He can receive in form of food, clothes and a bed but never to change a thought because the power for change relies on self.

Thoughts are blueprints for manifestation.

Thoughts and manifestation are interconnected. Both conscious thoughts and unconscious develop a special role for what happens to life. If you reveal your unconscious thoughts you might find a darker side of self but once recognised and “brought up to the light” you can reenergise such thoughts that were influencing life in an hidden way to aligned frequencies. Good thoughts to be replaced are those with Gratitude energy, as this frequency works as a foundation for all we are thankful in the now. Amusement is also a great base point!

Remind your self that life is a photocopy of thoughts both negative and positive & thoughts are energy.

Do Nurture yourself.