What others say no longer my Way!

I am not responsible for other people emotions.

When this belief was installed in my mind the click sound on! Not anymore I was pondered by other people emotions and actions to influence my humour or state of happiness. No longer I had to deal with other people frustration to take care of my emotional well being. Instead I adopted the belief I am not responsible for what this or that person said to me or tried to and free from the responsibility of accept what I have heard as a judgement, a critic or a gaslight I simply mirror back to that person or entity the whole energy. By not giving permission to myself to respond to unwanted solicitations I remove myself form the state of being influenced by their actions towards me.

What happens now I move forward a step on reclaiming back my balance and integrity at the same moment before external situations happen and play an effect on me.

To think and believe that I am not responsible for other people emotions, attitudes, thoughts, words, actions and feelings gave me the courage, freedom and space to allow myself to breath into my own space and protect or define it as safe. That space once evaded is now protected by a boundary.

In practical terms, if someone is angry at traffic or shouts some ugly words or simply is unpleasant, another situations that bad feelings might emerge for a naive misunderstanding all those are covered by not having a real impact when I adopt (and you if you intend to) the belief of total release of responsibility for others beings.

I feel the freedom is so intense that it does not matter what I think about others, it is not relevant as well I am given the space to act as I truly and transparently want without any worries of external circumstances.

I could resume this post as: Do you feel drawn in energy after someone being or acted in a faulty way to you? If so, adopting this belief will give you the wings to let go this event and re-establish and continue with the energy or at the maximum to give you even more organic energy. It is awesome.

Brain power level max!