To Give up for better!

Give up is good, it gives me space, allows me to breath into new dimensions.

To give up from concepts that no longer serve me.

To be brave to identify the beliefs that no longer hold a space in my heart and by opposition are starting to be an intruded in that pure field.

I had a very strong childhood belief that I had to get rid of.

Family, my family and the definition of family.

You know how I did it? I wrote a letter why I no longer want to belong to my Family.

Why? The family I thought I once had did not accept me. Or did not embrace the values of family I am aspiring for. One of them is Acceptance. I never felt accepted by the family I supposed I had.

What Now? I quick from belonging to a family.

I aspire to be in a family that naturally accepts me.

I am grateful for being cared for my relatives but no longer I see them as members of my Family. There is nobody on my family now. Later one someone will enter my life to fulfil the true definition of family I have in my core values.

I had to tell I give up from being son and a brother. Because I never feel accepted in this dynamic. I see them as my relatives but not family. My family is entirely another dimension of being around those that unconditionally love me. Love that I never found when I thought they were my family. I struggle a lot of time to fit in and I did not realise that there is no “adjustment of self”. There is only self acceptance and natural love for who I already am.

I will send a letter and talk directly to those relatives. Cords established with them within this field will be cut and erased. I will no longer hold a space as a member of that Family, only love for them as relatives.


To be out of this “burden” allows me space to create the self, to be the self and evolve naturally. I don’t get stuck in patterns of beliefs that no longer serve me. I identify them, destroy them and raise above. I am very contemplative performing meditation to align with my self on taking the steps to quit this energy as healthy and naturally as possible.

This is a new process for me and very challenging as I am dealing with years of childhood and programming, for that reason I am particularly aware of any change in my energy that soon I predict to be at the is best.



Voices in our Head

Update your Belief System!

Out of psychiatric definition of Voices in our Head, No!… it has nothing to do with mental illness, actually the meaning is recognise thoughts that do not serving you but still have energy and therefore an effect on you from those that are genuinely You.


Beliefs and Energy

Beliefs are made up of energy and form a programme in the brain. Memory will be responsible to store your beliefs and make your decision ability easy for you.

What happens is there are beliefs that might hold into our neuropaths that are not exactly what we would like to believe.

Lets take a general example such as for my future “I will be an engineer because I think I would be accepted by others” rather than “I would be a teacher because it is my passion.” This way there are 2 different voices in the Head that represent our own beliefs!

Someone might follow a career that really never enjoyed or might just follow his passion, whatever choice represents what the believe if.


Intuition Voice is Leader.

Most important voice is Intuition, located in the heart! Always is present and knows what is best for you now regardless of the past. It is distant from a programmed thought previously built on experience and observation that might tells and think of you different way. This second voice is mostly exterior like voice of father, family, teacher or society and don’t forget the advertisement.


My experience.

In order to understand which voice is Intuition you must sink in and understand each one.

For my own experience I would say that intuition is the first voice experienced by some intensity of pleasure and warmth on chest. But Intuition is quick and not all the time recognisable.


Conflict between two voices.

Second voice is called by Fears, Expectations, Assumptions or Ego, but is all based on thought and it has a suppression effect on the voice of intuition.


Is it possible to remove undesired thoughts?

Ye it is possible to de-energise all this unwanted thoughts by a process of recognising them, bringing them to the light and you will set yourself free (and your intuition for sure will have space to express).


My intuition voice is scaring to me!? How can I follow it?

I believe you have suppressed so many times for so long your intuition voice that any small step you want to take towards it is a challenge. But small steps make big journeys, start exactly doing what you think your intuition is and be aware that nether sometimes it make sense! This is because we live in an energetic world along a logical platform, but don’t take the logic brain as more important as it seems to be. Energy is everything and energy has created the brain, for this reason if you want to do anything your intuition has told you just do it! You will be regarded energetically. 

Each step taken inwards you’re closer to your source! Such a journey of confusion and selection born of a process of socialisation. You own the power to discern the beliefs that bring you closer to your real purpose.