Safe ‘n’ change.

To feel safe whatever circumstances happen in life is an awesome feeling. It allow to be conscious while relaxed with whatever possibility might occur.

To feel safe independently of what path your and loved ones life allows to go through the changes easily and with less resistance.

This new shift of thought to “whatever happens I know I am safe”, “I feel safe all events of my life” permits the creation of a energetic shield that hold your most vulnerable aspect of self assured and protected.

You are now being blessed with change while being safe and this permits to go through process with easiness.

How many times have you blocked yourself because of self doubt due to a possibility of change?

What about if you are guaranteed safety in the other side of the change and doubt, would you still take the risk?

I always take that risk and I have been blessed with only love to deal with. 

As this is energy and we are all one the principle remains for everyone, take a risk, change and allow yourself to believe you are always safe in the process.

Have fun (and faith)!

Dreams and Reality

And when the dreams are coming into reality. When my wishes are manifesting into existence, when I can see with my senses the dream I now know that everything has changed. I now move to an another dimension, to a different spectrum of being and acting. I now operate in a higher dimension of self. A new magical and fantastic colourful, playful dimension when my thoughts are patterned to create from love any manifestation into reality. In this dimension where I do operate there is no concept of time, there is only the space between feelings and happenings.

I welcome myself to a new shift in world, in my perception and in everything around me that has now changed and has been changed since long time. I perceive and see the differences occurring and have proved to myself that I am worthy, enough and capable of gracious things that are already happening in this moment.

This website is already a manifestation of those marvellous dreams happening to my life. In the next months this project will experience good transformations and a creative wave will soon be manifested.

I am delighted to inform how grateful I am with my life now and to share here through Rik Jones pseudonym will allow to followers understand what I mean by all self energy and healing, to provide hope and insight for those who are experiencing life with an energetic mindset.


Speak to you soon!

Unconscious thoughts

Power is within!

We don’t know what we are manifesting if our unconscious thoughts are not acknowledge. If we think thoughts unconsciously means that they are deep engrained in our mind and constitutes a potent weapon for manifestation. For instance if a Star Model has a desire for show the beauty she/he finds on himself and since a child thinks “I am proud of my beauty and expression” it shall manifest to be a successful supermodel through photography models and the same pattern occurs for an homeless who thinks himself unworthy of a shelter. As a rule it is manifested throughout all his homeless life until the unconscious thought is recognised and changed. He can receive in form of food, clothes and a bed but never to change a thought because the power for change relies on self.

Thoughts are blueprints for manifestation.

Thoughts and manifestation are interconnected. Both conscious thoughts and unconscious develop a special role for what happens to life. If you reveal your unconscious thoughts you might find a darker side of self but once recognised and “brought up to the light” you can reenergise such thoughts that were influencing life in an hidden way to aligned frequencies. Good thoughts to be replaced are those with Gratitude energy, as this frequency works as a foundation for all we are thankful in the now. Amusement is also a great base point!

Remind your self that life is a photocopy of thoughts both negative and positive & thoughts are energy.

Do Nurture yourself.


Dreams: Ready or not here I come

Pay attention to a conversation with my fellow inner self:

To Follow dreams and wishes is heavy,

disgusting, hard, brings anxiety,

it would look better to not follow dreams,

wishes and wants,

because they take effort, fight, suffer and grief.

What are those kind of feelings emerging

from following dreams?

What a ‘fed up bullshit’!

Dreams are made to be easy to achieve.

No, I am saying that following dream is an illusion,

it could be something good but is an illusion.

Dreams are a world created for fantasy and magic.

Now… Reality is: You don’t follow your dreams.

Reality is you stick up to the messy and busy life

you live and get hold of it as much as you can

because your survival depends on that.

Dreams are a fairy tale you believed as child.

Wake up and go to work your wonder ‘asshole’!

How sad are you ?


Illusion and believable thoughts

Regarding wishes, aspirations and dreams!

Sometimes I am empty of hope, other times I am full of dreams.

I have accomplish my dreams, I have felt deceived by thinking they are just “dreams”.

I been led to believe magic world of fulfilment is nonsense and reality is a created concept of scarcity and struggle. Until I grew up and realised how dreams can become a reality.

I believe in my dreams everyday until the day they come true.

When I wonder why I still resist sometimes in following my hopes I remind myself of the reason why I thought them as a lie and is because of programmed thoughts I have adopted throughout my life.

To believe in dreams is the new world. Deposit trust and hope in our own beliefs. To identify and eliminate those thoughts telling “I can’t”, “I am not worthy of” or “there is not enough for me” is crucial to create new ones.

New Dimension of Self

This new dimension of self look at dreams and wishes as a command to execute. Our thinking is now programmed to fulfil our desires. Self thoughts like “I am worthy to achieve my wishes, desires and aspiration” and “deposit hope and trust in the process” is allowing the dreams to manifest. Create space in mind to embrace new frequencies and thought forms that will emerge in a new shift. Look at your reality with abundance everywhere! It is enough for everybody and especially for you!

Also believe that time is an illusion concept man made, keep that in mind “you are always on time”!

This new thought pattern about dreams and aspirations will help the self manifest in aligned with laws of the universe.

Abundance for you! 🙂




Intuition vs Programs

Kind of Thoughts

Intuition and Programs

Intuition is a voice that has the same language than a thought.

Now a thought is a complex system of entities and might come from other sources than our own intuition. Pay attention to discern between external thoughts and intuitive ones.

Non and Organic thoughts

Lets say that in order to communicate with ourselves it is important to understand if the thoughts we are having are organic or not. When they are not organic they cause a sense of inner discomfort by means of sadness, anger, shame, repression and other bad feelings.

When thoughts are organic they are subtle, coherent with ourselves and usually the sense of truth that comes with is key to believe and act on it,

All the thoughts that are organic are a truth representation of what we think, feel and overall what we really are without any filter.  Imagine if you could be transparent as water with yourself and you could understand who you are clearly. That is Awesome! How much aligned would you feel?

In opposition with so much manipulation and brainwashing happening nowadays the gap that is created put us away of our inner sense of identity.


Our truth thoughts are a reflect of Intuition. To discern each thought is a reflection of us we must pay attention of the emotion that comes with by a process of asking.

What is the emotion attached to the thought?

If emotion is overall good it might come from your Intuition. That is a reflection of you and that is great!

If emotion is overall bad, identify and accept the emotion and proceed to ask:

Where does this thought comes from? Where have I experienced this same emotion before?

It will redirect you back to some point in the past. (and from here you are ready for healing)

This process of healing goes on by questioning until you reach a rock bottom where you failed to accept yourself. At this point you add energetically your love and acceptance and heal.

By revisiting the past as I theoretically demonstrated you go back and heal yourself and the emotion previously felt as bad is replaced by love in the moment that emotion was created.

Beyond the healing process.

After the process of healing the Intuition voice is reflected with transparency.

To heal is very important because programmed thoughts difuse intuition voice and what happens is  the sensation of having two voices in our head and usually one contradicts the another. Sometimes three or more voices inside.

Reminds me mental health patients that suffer from bipolarity and schizophrenia when what happens is a mix of voices uncleared within the self. Sadly they are not aware of the dynamic and our public health system is not prepared enough to deal with energy healing. Medication will never treat then but avoid and postpone. Simple as I can explain to you dear reader mental health problems is just a matter of confusion that needs clearing by a process of Healing. This  work is like clearing the pathway in the neurons of our brain.

I wish you truly good luck, in this world is a rule to program thoughts on other people without consciously being aware of it.


Stay tuned!