All of posts are about self-love and uplifting content. Today I am going to talk feeling lost. I been facing this feeling frequently, I feel lost.

I can’t figure out the way to clarity, my plans and goals seem confuse, my tomorrow days seems unsure, unsteady.

I meditate sometimes interrupted by a large quantity of thoughts, my sense of thoughts is overwhelmed. With meditation I hope to get some answers about this feelings and what it wants to communicate. I try to speak with angels, and my higher self. and I can’t. I try to listen my intuition and is corrupted.

I feel lost and I accept it.

I feel lost about what do I like, what do I want. I feel so many indications to do and be other things. Don’t get me wrong answers is what is showing in my head but none of them are truly mine. Some voices are grandpa and parents telling me to be their perspective and way of living. Others voices are just a confusion. What I really want to know is where and what is the intuition voice.

I wrote in last posts how to follow the Intuition voice. And I am going to check it out.

To follow intuition requires exactly awareness that you are not following him or her.

I got a good tip from my post Inner Voice – Intuition.

I know tho I am aligned with my feelings because I just feel Lost. What to do next? Is a very good question that I hope to find out… for now I don’t know.

Have you ever felt lost? How do you feel now?

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