Power of Gratitude

To be grateful is more than just sating “Thank You”.

To be grateful is more close to a deeper inner feeling.

To be grateful is to understand beyond the experience to a deep meaning of learning, appreciation, wisdom, manifestation and realisation.

It is a Secret and a skill to be utilised in the most humble intention of soul’s growth in the Planet.

As a Human I see and experience in every situation and person I meet a meaning for my life, every dog or animal, symbolism is there to guide me. A sum off all experiences, perceived as bad or good, wrong or right, are the experience when looked at through the eyes of gratitude brings a new dimension of being because it adds value.

If something external bother internally be grateful for that sparkle of awareness and growth from that point. Be grateful also for the very good that shows.

Grateful is the highest form to be tap into and allows the mind to be connected and present in the same time frame as the soul.

Practise Gratitude, is a way more than a thank you!



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