Safe ‘n’ change.

To feel safe whatever circumstances happen in life is an awesome feeling. It allow to be conscious while relaxed with whatever possibility might occur.

To feel safe independently of what path your and loved ones life allows to go through the changes easily and with less resistance.

This new shift of thought to “whatever happens I know I am safe”, “I feel safe all events of my life” permits the creation of a energetic shield that hold your most vulnerable aspect of self assured and protected.

You are now being blessed with change while being safe and this permits to go through process with easiness.

How many times have you blocked yourself because of self doubt due to a possibility of change?

What about if you are guaranteed safety in the other side of the change and doubt, would you still take the risk?

I always take that risk and I have been blessed with only love to deal with. 

As this is energy and we are all one the principle remains for everyone, take a risk, change and allow yourself to believe you are always safe in the process.

Have fun (and faith)!

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