Uncertainty in life is a challenge. More than not know what the future holds is the fear of what can go wrong. I am so fed up of myself repeating the same words again and again: “I will be okay… I am okay… and I am provided of all support I need”

I face myself young and alone in a world full of opportunities. I can not deny some of them scares me and others define my soul’s desires.

Whatever outcome my mind projects I believe I am in the right place at right time because I followed my intuition and it feels just right! I feel everything is on its own natural direction. I could not do nothing more than wait.

Sometimes wait is the answer I am looking for, wait for manifestation. Don’t do nothing and see it manifested! Conceive and wait.

In the middle the mind wants to interfere with a Law that is straight forward: Thoughts become reality!

Uncertainty is definitely a challenge, while being in control of “future” events might seem a very comfortable illusion. Being in control gives the sensation of having time to “rest” while everything is okay while being in uncertainty denotes a state where I must be alert because at any moment everything can change. The key for uncertainty periods is to accept and be comfortable with what is unknown and always strive for the security that apparently is none.

If the mind interprets in moments of uncertainty a feeling of safety, comfort and care it would believe that moments of uncertainty are just supported by the Universe as being in control of everything does.

Always strive for your best and your safety before anything else.

To be in love for the self is the first fundamental core belief you should have. Then to assure the needs for safety, protection and comfort is the foundation that raise any other thought and consequent action.

Stay grounded! Times are revealing.


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