Level of Thought awareness

If you could evaluate your own thoughts and attribute a level for 1 to 5 based on the quality of them what value would you give to yourself?

This is an important question to understand and separate people based on their belief system.

There are people that think they know everything, I would rate them with a 1 – Very poor belief system.

There are homeless that think they do not deserve love nether material goods and in order to get them they must work hard – sadly the mindset of these group is zero or very close to 1. How self destructive it is? I might confirm that to be an homeless is just a matter of how you think about yourself in this world. There is no homeless that is proud of being who we are that ends up on the streets! You have to not care enough with yourself to such end that no longer is humane but just sad! Whatever the reason that leads to homelessness this group is rated at zero or one because their mindset is not solid and quality.

There are people that think they need to sacrifice themselves in order to be validated and I would give to these group a number 3. They actually do a lot, show a lot and get their need met. Sadly they end up sacrifice themselves for this “love” need be meet and it is a give and receive contract underneath that justifies such sacrifice for the self. This way is a technique although poor labelled as a 3 on this scale of quality of thoughts.

For the level 4 I would say that people that can do whatever they desire and project by all means and their power of manifestation is reflected as naturally is supposed to. Beliefs on this level are “I believe in myself”, “I accomplish whatever I want”, “I am more important” “It is all about me”. These beliefs are good as they show the self and prioritise the aspirations of the self although they go to far that lack the empathy wave of others around them and how their power can influence others, and I am not talking positively.

As you can see in number 5 is where the symbol of empathy is the secret to such and higher power of thought awareness. Thoughts like “I do to others what I wish to receive” and “We are all equal” and the sum of good of the previous levels make this level powerful enough to accomplish the self wishes and desires and allow this power to influence and guide others to the same path. It comes with a “share button” attach that means and guarantee that others can do and think in level 5 too.

What is your level of thought awareness? Do you think bullsh1t or empathy to yourself and others? What do you think reflects who you are and who you surround with!?

Watch out the unconscious thoughts too as they are keys for unwanted and undesired results in real life!

Take care of your thoughts, yeah, Hold them like a baby,


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