L i f e – Go all the way!

Your life is your life – go all the way.

I wonder about these words I listen frequently by a mp3 extracted from a motivational video from Youtube. This inspiring voice leads to a magnificent truth: Go all the way with your life. You might be freezing at a park bench and not eat for 3 or 4 days but Go all the way.

This shows me all the strength I have inside me to pursue my endeavours regardless of so much bullshit to resist this temptation of following the self.

You know what they tell me? 1 – Follow a career, a job and you will be safe. 2 – Get married, have a son and you will be provided Home! 3 – Obey and you will be confined into an illusion for comfort.

I always wondered what is beyond this laws of “the path already known” that the majority of people follows but I wonder even more those who follow their own path even though is not the same as the broad definition of “how to have a safe life”.

One thing is sure: Life is unique and the question how to live it is reserved to one’s self.

But would you suffer to go all the way or would you stay comfortable?

For me is a challenge to decide, I definitely would go outside of comfort zones and would give to my life the meaning that is looking for but I would not allow to suffer because that pain might hurt. I would never choose comfort in other to not experience suffer but I do not believe I should experience suffer in order to fulfil my Life meaning.

Lets see an example: I would never permit myself to be or experience pain for long periods of time such as torture, or experience homeless, bankrupt, addiction and whatever “suffer” is out there.

I think Suffer in this case means the sideways to a end goal but not necessary the final destination. Suffer appears as a side track on our journey but never is the final destination and this kind of suffer I am up to because I believe it.

Any other suffer or pain that is for its own a destination of a journey is an illusion of those who miss their meaning for life.


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