Toxic Masculinity Energy

How is described?

One of the most dangerous energy out there.

Describe me your father? I would say 90% of Fathers have a rigid and cold approach in the education of their children.

Toxic masculinity is the absence of any energy at all. Toxic masculinity is the suppression of all that is.

Toxic masculinity is self choice of being towards only himself and not copulate others reality as an existence.

So you might see people over persuasive in taking only one side rather than acknowledge that there is more out there than one view/perspective.

This happens with politicians essentially, they have cut the cords with intuitive senses over power & influence. They have replaced Human values and kindness for a process.

Politicians have become a toxic designation for the profession.

Regardless of profession or family roles it goes beyond to the belief system of repression feminine energy that connects to a higher realms and dimensions.

One View versus Multidimensional

Toxic masculinity only focus on the essential that is logic. I would say a one structured way commonly accepted. There is a scheme that masculine energy follows that it Logic.

Anyway, masculine energy is essential as well feminine energy, the balance is required and there is a lot of guys that have the power within of both energies.

Toxic masculinity is well common with masculine genders and you can notice with a second of a eye, they tend to demand, are authoritarian, rigid, closed and don’t understand outside of this sense of logic, they literally have their inner sense of self disconnected and just regulate themselves for exterior guidelines. They don’t even realise what lies beyond the unconscious mind there are and ignore any energy associated with. Person who radiates this energy only think in practical terms and lacks  what this unknown world has to offer.


How to Deal with masculinity way toxic.

Unfortunately toxic masculinity cause a lot of pain for their lack of presence and understanding. You will see them as narcissistic parents and husbands follow a pattern of achieve their goals anyway as long as are denominated rational. What is missing is that the feelings of others are not a rational issue therefore they don’t care nothing about how others feel or might with their actions or intentions.

They don’t even recognise their feelings with themselves because they can’t see them! And they tend to seek externally by using others to satisfy the feelings of love.

Toxic masculinity is a way low energy out there and it has power. For a long time has governed the world.

Feminine energy is coming as a wave to help this energy to be balanced and go through a better and balanced world.

There are a lot of man receiving feminine energy and they are becoming great lovers and human beings!

If you are faced with a masculine posture and toxic you might feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable with such low frequencies, stand up, realise the power is within and make your firm position by not mixing up with these energies, remaining still and know. Just a brief awareness of what is might be enough for dealing with unwanted energies. Say also goodbye to this toxic energies and embrace people that ignite a balanced harmony.

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