Happiness is some sort of feeling inside and it takes a very few short amount of time to be accomplished. It all takes is mindset. A group of beliefs to bare in mind that in long term will manifest a happy reality.

I can share some common beliefs you should adapt for a happy life but you shall specify to yourself what you want to manifest exactly that portraits your definition of happiness.

Here are some global neuro paths to happiness:

  • I accept myself, my past and present experiences. I accept even if I find difficult to forgive myself or get over some issues I know they’re real.
  • I believe that there is most to life than get stuck on situations I feel overwhelmed, I believe in a life where I can deal with trouble in a confident and uplifting way. I start to accept that every experience, brings along anger and sadness is also a challenge to grow.
  • I understand that others are a reflection of myself. Which means I am projecting into others my beliefs and emotions, not necessarily they are true for others but you own them and define who you are. Other people and overall animals are a mirror to our inner experience, what you see outside if you don’t like change it in the inside.
  • What you have in the inside is reflected upon the outside. Sometimes you don’t know what is inside because your brain does not tell you, which means it is unconsciously. Nevertheless the ugly truth outside is inside too.
  • Know your feelings, know even better your suppressed thoughts and emotions.
  • Act on your will.
  • Be compassionate about your thoughts and beliefs as they hold a charge of energy built for many years, especially programmed thoughts that no longer serves you but they are there still making you acting in a different way you would do.
  • Understand that your soul came to universe in the biological system of brain and heart. Your brain hold memories your heart hold emotions. As the body they are only physical structures and programmed to make you alive but they are organic and have a limited existence. One day you will see them failing and your soul remains at energetic level. Also know that is just nature.
  • Acceptance of the Present is the Secret at the bottom of this list! Every second you must be present. and regardless the time you might lose your connection to present with a single thought. You cultivate presence with constant awareness, like an update of logical understanding of how you’re feeling.
  • Listen to your body it holds secrets unrevealed in the mind.

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