Compassion about Self Hurt

I have been thinking…
What to write to acknowledge that I hurt myself and I can’t even recognise it?

I can’t admit to myself that I Hurt myself. That would mean I am acting up against myself. I think badly about me by having such damaging thoughts about me.

“I cant believe I have done this to myself”. I actually believe I love me… why should I think or act in a harmful way?

And I just discovered my answers…

I hurt myself because I love myself.


And to love myself is to prevent my self from love sometimes.

Prevent my self from love!? Buuuut Why?

Because out of love, one time, I got hurt… To prevent my self from being Hurt again I will be denying myself from the feeling.

Even though I want to receive and give love I will never allow to be loved again if that means to be hurt again.

So basically I prevent myself from Love.

Which occasions may restrictions of Love appear?

Denying the love takes many forms, such as avoiding to have a relationship with an amazing partner, to say no to a party that you would like to go or to suppress natural feelings and instincts.

Natural desire for Love

Once you acknowledge that you might be hurt by being, acting & showing love you start understand that being lovable while hurt is also good.

“I allow myself to feel love and be lovable even though it might hurt me.”

Because I allow myself to be loved I also allow myself to be hurt. I think for us the best illusion was to avoid being hurt. We have to accept that love hurts and it is okay to walk with the hurt too.

Expand yourself to being lovable, accept the concept of receiving and giving love because you might end up feeling it entirely. Also look within your hurts and pains then give a path to release it.

I am on this path too, and will keep posting more information about how to expose and deal with the hurt especially in to day-to-day life.

Find your own answers!
In conclusion self hurt is ultimately self love by a naive biological process of protection by our brain.

You know that you have to educate your “emotional brain” yourself. We don’t know when or how we will be hurt by expressing our love.

Expressing our self to Love will bring the highest form of a fulfilled heart and also may hurt sometimes.

Welcome such unpredictable and volatile energies of love, this World is magnificent!

Oh, have you noticed that EARTH is an anagram for HEART? how cool!?


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