The Magic of Numbers

I was presented with the concept of the meaning behind numbers some years ago at school, when I watched the clock and the hours were the same as the minutes. I enjoyed it as an activity with my classmates and now I pay careful attention to this.

Numbers carry a magic vibration within each symbol, they transmit messages for certain moments. So when I see a number or a relation of numbers I always check within what the message resonates to me.

I believe in the power of vibration not only within the words we spell but also the numbers. Words and numbers are forms of how the energy is expressed.

If you have your intuition well tuned you will tune to signs and one of the signs are interpreted by numbers.

Numbers align and represent your current state of awareness.

If I see 1111 I know and relate to being aware of a coming new phase.

If I see 444 I know that the change I am up to take in my life is going to be just OK.

Number zero represents the energy, frequency or vibrations and a full four digits 0000 represents the end of a cycle. So lets imagine you are dealing with a Karma for a period of your time. Seeing this number means this phase was terminated and you have completed the Karma, you have gained the lesson you were looking for.

Number 3 is very important for me because it means the integration of mind, body and soul and invites their unification, Sacred Trinity.

I enjoy a particularly repetitive sequence such as 777.  This last one is a powerful message from the angels that says you are being a proof of manifested experiences  and what you have thought and programmed to attract is happening.

At the age of  eighteen I allowed my organic thoughts of accessing information through numbers to become a useful tool for insight and information and I have been helped in the exact times I was asking for guidance.

My very critical experience was when I decided to leave my birth country of Portugal and moved to the UK to start a new life. I knew I was doing the right thing but I needed confirmation I wasn’t alone on this journey. At the airport I saw through the digital clock the time 4:44 and got the answer I needed, I was indeed following my values in moving away. Now I feel so good to be creating this website & to share my experience and knowledge to you.


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