About Trauma

When we are faced with an unpleasant physical experience it creates trauma because the desired outcome is not the same as how it occurred. Sometimes it is painful how some situations end.

Imagine there is a fight and it ends up in anger feelings for both people involved rather than acknowledging that listening to one another was the true solution, the outcome can be a trauma such as “I believe I am unseen”.
So Trauma is a thought form that is in non alignment with the self.

Childhood Trauma

Most of the traumas that follow us are from our younger years of development.
An example of a trauma is emotional abuse.
There are sometimes traumas that can occur in day to day life that we are lacking awareness of when they happen.
For example I went to a meet up recently and a medicine student told me ‘I am not a goal oriented person’, which I realised was damaging to me in the next morning. I could see how I felt unworthy remembering back the words. In this state I felt psychicly attacked.

I myself have a trauma based on exposing my own work to other people because I never felt accepted in my passion for helping others as a psychic, whilst other forms of healing such as medicine are accepted in the mainstream.
To recall this specific trauma allows also for the opportunity to heal myself. I know I am worthy, valid and with goals in mind.

How to heal trauma

There are traumas that are healed when at some point we expose them, cry, face them and acknowledge the wisdom behind the trauma that keeps us on track.
For the specific meeting I had with this person I broke the energy through visualisation.
The best way to heal any trauma is to go within your imagination, see the events as clear as they happened and destroy them.
Visualisation is the greatest tool you have for self empowerment.
Also to Write down thoughts is helpful. After any healing comes the wisdom of the experience that is the coin of growth.
Healing makes you more aware of yourself as you have passed through an experience. You will never pass through the same experience again once it is defeated and new wisdom will be achieved. You will also be able to move through similar situations afterwards.



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