Follow Intuition or Gut

Yep, following our intuition has become more of a challenge than a natural gift, we somehow have become so suppressed from following our own guidance that nowadays it’s hard to get a clear message before resistance is right there upon us.
But, once Intuition is followed she/he reveals very important messages.  Intuition is a good teacher and a listener. Do follow your intuition, and recieve marvellous external manifestations and synchronicity that she/he presents.
One time I was at my home in the city of Cambridge, UK and I was feeling bored, I got the instinct to go take a bus to the city centre and return in the same night but no idea to do what. But I just followed my gut plain and simple.
What happened after I followed my intuition? In the bus I just met with a young group of students that sat next to me, I had the opportunity to speak with them and exchange good energies. What exactly occurred is I felt great to connect with someone.

I was in need of a connection earlier on when I was in my home and I felt great about meeting them. After the bus stop we lead our ways separately.
To follow the gut might have a non logical reason associated but it is in exactly that way it works, in the platform of energy and vibration intuition is a must follow!

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