To Breath free and happy

What is Freedom?

It means to feel happy? Yes, exactly.

Am I happy? Are you happy?

To be happy is to feel something good. Happiness is a synonym for freedom and means you have acted as yourself, you have made a decision based on your thoughts and feelings, generating a feeling of respect for the self  based in alignment and integrity.

I would attribute the yellow colour and the energy of the Sun as a match for the frequency of Happiness.

To be happy is a subtle feeling of pleasure within ourselves.

And then I feel free, I feel comfortable, I feel “full of self.”

Happiness is a blessing from the Universe telling you: Congratulations, I am proud of you, you are acting as you and that is exactly what is supposed to happen.

How few people are genuine to act in accordance to their selves? And do you resonate with this group? If so I am so happy for you!

Are you acting as yourself or in some way are you being influenced to act in an external way when you are ‘out there’?

To be happy and free requires work!

Oh Yes
The Sun matches the fire of my soul,
breathing air
So free as sun is
Soul faces a battle
destined to win.

Welcome to Paradise
Welcome to the feeling of Freedom!


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