To receive and ask for Forgiveness.

When to ask for forgiveness? When to receive it? And before all that what is Forgiveness?

Feeling forgiveness is to know clearly and somehow empty the space inside before it’s filled with damaging thought forms. It works like a vacuum cleaner that cleans our energetic field. The colour of forgiveness is pure white and it is commanded by our intention.

To ask for forgiveness is to acknowledge our sense of self in need of it. Therefore we will receive and be healed. As I said it is a very light white energy.

Not all people are up to accept Forgiveness because these people carry with them heavy thoughts and can’t hold onto an opposite energy. Resistance then shows up.

To intend into a forgiving state is to know exactly why and to who this energy is related.

Visualisation Technique.

With imagination or visualisation go through the memory that needs healing and be conscious of it, add the intention of clearing the memory by expressing your forgiveness. It may be energetically draining but it is a nurturing practise for the self.

After a while your energetic field is being cleansed of the before coagulated energy, and you shall experience love or peace subject to those issues.

I once confused forgiveness with forgetting. For instance when I forgave someone my notion of forgiveness was to forget what happened and that made me to relive the experience again.

Essentially to forgive is to acknowledge your feelings, to know what they meant for you, to allow to carry the wisdom and proceed with life clean as before.


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