Duality in Third Dimension

In the physical word you will find true happiness when you accept both good and evil feelings to be present. Happiness is acceptance and allows room for the exact opposite – the sadness. (say helloo!)

The presence of both Good and Bad energies means conflict, contradictions to our soul mission, values against ours and the origin of wars. It gives birth to the self defensive mechanism of the inner sense of truth.

Having opposite energies validates the Duality that exists on Earth.

We must accept this inversion as a law of Balance, Ying Yang energy relates the positive and negative aspects gathered in a perfect symbioses and represents the balance with male and female energy.

The quickest way or may I say the healthiest to cope with unpleasant feelings is to accept with love (good energy) what for us is Pain (bad energy).

Keep your sense of self & values and when you are faced with contradiction accept it with Integrity, you can grow more than you can ever know.

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